Rapeseed Oil

Here at Brock & Morten we are passionate about providing you with the best oil, in the best packaging for the best price. We try to use local and environmentally friendly options where possible. Our oil is available in the following flavours - Natural, Garlic, Lemon, Chilli, Basil, Oak Smoked and Truffle. We use essential oils to flavour our natural oil, the flavoured oils still have all the health benefits you would find in the natural oil. They are big on flavour and really versatile.


natural rapeseed oil

Award winning and perfect all-rounder. Makes the best Roast Potatoes!



garlic flavoured rapeseed oil

Our best seller. Perfect for any meat or fish dish but also great drizzled over pasta dishes. 


lemon flavoured rapeseed oil

Try this Great Taste Award winner drizzled straight over your salad or use it for cooking seafood or chicken. This fresh and lively oil was presented to the Queen as part of a Derbyshire Hamper!


chilli flavoured rapeseed oil

The Great Taste Award winning Chilli oil has plenty of fire! Try it on pizzas, pasta or any dish in need of a bit of a kick! Makes a lovely stir fry.


basil flavoured rapeseed oil

This aromatic oil is ideal for Italian dishes. It works excellently with chicken, pasta and salad.


smoked flavoured rapeseed oil

Our 2016 Great Taste Award winning oil is naturally smoked in a local smokehouse here in Derbyshire. Try it for drizzling and dipping. Great with pork or mushrooms.


truffle flavoured rapeseed oil

Our latest and most decadent oil. This oil is incredibly versatile and delicious with a range of dishes. See our recipe ideas here.


flavoured mayonnaise in natural, chipotle and garlic

We launched our range of mayonnaise in 2016 and so far have 4 different flavours; Classic, Garlic, Chipotle and Mustard. They are perfect with meat, seafood, salads, sandwiches, chips - just about anything really!

The mayonnaise is made using cold pressed rapeseed oil so has a delicious nutty flavour, a smooth texture and a beautiful colour.



From time to time you will be able to purchase our very own Brock & Morten honey. In the winter of 2015 we welcomed some honey bees onto the farm, this helps with the pollination of the seed. We also have a lot of hedgerows, hawthorns and brambles which they can forage on when the oil seed rape isn't in flower. 

Look out for our really tasty runny honey and our golden set honey at various markets throughout the year.

Balsamic Vinegar


A recent 2018 product release for us was our balsamic vinegar and Italian condiment. These condiments are the perfect balance of sweet and sour characteristics and are ideal for using in dressings, cooking, salads, sauces, cheese, casseroles and dipping.